About Our Project

Lead Health: A Study of Lead Environmental Hazards was developed by the Introduction to Environmental Studies course at Knox College during Spring Term 2023, as part of a larger class focus on lead contamination as an environmental health hazard. Students researched lead contamination as a health concern, specific sources of lead exposure, and possible solutions to this environmental issue.

Throughout the term, students collaborated with staff from the Abolition for All Time Humanities Lab to build their data visualizations and webpages about their topics. The lab specializes in supporting digital and creative pedagogy to explore themes of abolition, activism, and social justice in the humanities. Dr. Jen Andrella and Selah Dow (undergraduate lab assistant) provided support on constructing the digital portions of the project which included Flourish (quantitative visualization building) and WordPress (web page design). As a project centered on data visualizations, students learned how to model and interpret large quantities of information. More than decorative illustrations, visualizing data entails a process of crafting and working through research questions, designing effective visuals to best represent the data, and presenting this knowledge in the most accessible way for public audiences.

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